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General Information & Visa Requirements

The consular section of the Embassy of Turkmenistan is responsible for the visa issue and legalization of documents.

Business hours of the consular section

Monday: 10.00- 12.00
  Tuesday:   10.00- 12.00
  Wednesday:   10.00- 12.00
  Thursday:   closed
  Friday:   10.00- 12.00

We kindly ask to apply by phone for an appointment before your visit.
Should you have questions, please contact the Embassy at: 0043-1-5036470, fax: 0043-1-5036473,
or by e-mail:

The visa application form can be downloaded HERE.

Important requirements for visa applicants:

  • The Embassy can issue you an entry visa to Turkmenistan only if you have an invitation letter from the party that invites you.
    This invitation must be issued at the request of the inviting party by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan.
  • Persons traveling on tourism purpose may request tourist agencies in Turkmenistan to facilitate process of obtaining necessary visa.
    The list of tourist agencies in Turkmenistan you can find HERE.
  • Two visa application forms per person must be submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy when applying for issuance of visa.
    Please type or print when filling in the application. Handwritten and incomplete applications shall not be accepted.
  • A photograph should be glued to each visa application form.
  • A photocopy of the main pages of the passport.
  • For business and tourism travel - a readable copy of invitation letter should be attached to visa application form.
    Those travelling on private invitation need to provide the invitation in original.
  • For applicants applying for visa to stay in Turkmenistan for the period extending three months and more need to submit an original HIV/AIDS certificate from the doctor issued at least within last three months before the date of application. The certificate could be in German, English and Russian languages or have a certified translation to one of these languages.
  • Visa processing time is ten working days.
  • There is a possibility to get an express service (three days) at the double of the cost of the visa.
  • Visa cost table:

    Single entry up to 10 days costs Euro 35,-
      Single entry up to 20 days costs   Euro 45,-
      Single entry up to 30 days costs   Euro 55,-
      Single entry for every additional month costs   Euro 30,-
      Transit visa  up to 5 days costs   Euro 65,-
      Multiple entry for the first month   Euro 75,-
      Multiple entry for every additional month   Euro 40,-
  • In certain cases it is not compulsory that visa applicants apply for visa in person.
    It could be done by their representatives or travel agencies.
    There is also a possibility to apply by mail. In this case the applicant bears all relevant postage expenses.

Legalization of documents:

The documents to be certified must be presented in standard form, in original language and if necessary with translation into Turkmen or Russian languages. Documents should be provided in duplicate, both being certified by notary.